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At Mangalam Worldwide, manufacturing processes are designed to ensure maximum quality within the production stages with particular focus on heat treatment process.

Mangalam Worldwide holds requisite approvals as a manufacturer of stainless steel and can deliver its range of products in accordance with most international standards.
Mangalam Worldwide believes in Quality Guaranteed philosophy. There are stringent processes in place to check and control quality at each stages like material inward, in- process and finished goods to ensure zero tolerance in quality of the product leaving our factory gates.
Non-Destructive Testing
Eddy Current Test To detect surface and sub-surface flaws.
Liquid Penetration Test Carried out by DPT kit to detest surface flaws.
Visual & Dimensional Inspection Check dimensional and imperfection conformity by Digital Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Ultra-sonic Thickness Gauge, Measuring Tape of valid calibration.
Hydro Testing To detect leak-tightness at calculated pressure at Hydro-Tester Bench equipped with Pressure Gauge of Valid Calibration
Pneumatic Test Air under water test to check the leak-tightness of tubing
PMI Eliminate risk & hazards, carried out for sorting by XRF Analyzer.
Ultrasonic Test With water immersion rota type Ultrasonic machine.
Destructive Testing
Tensile Testing 60 M.T. Universal Testing Machine integrated with software to check Tensile strength, Yield strength (including 0.2%, 1.0% Proof Test), Percentage of Elongation.
Chemical Testing- Product Analysis Full chemical composition is analyzed including Nitrogen with high-precision Optical Emission Spectrometer.
Rockwell Hardness Testing Performed in HRC/HRB Scale at Rockwell Hardness Machine and pre-calibrated with Master Block
Flattening/Reverse Flattening Test Measure the compression strength of the tube.
Flaring/Flange Test Check the forming behavior of tubes or pipes which is expanded to a specific degree.
Micro/Macro Examination Micro – Structure is analyzed for Grain size, Phase balance, Phase precipitation, Morphology, Inclusions, Defects etc. at various magnification (20X, 50X, 100X, 400X 1000X) by advanced microscope integrated with Image Analyzer software.
Inter Granular Corrosion Test- IGC Practice A, E & C Carried out with well-equipped kit to detect susceptibility to inter-granular attack for various Austenitic, Ferritic and Duplex Stainless Steel.


Traceability is important to us to ensure compliance, control quality and manage better customer relationship. Each product that leaves our factory is provided a Mill Test Certificate (MTC). This ensures that the product has full traceability right from raw material to finished product.

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